Experts and Officials Endorse Xiaolan Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report

Experts and Officials Endorse Xiaolan Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report

[March 27th, 2012, Xiaolan, Guangdong]

On March 27, 2012, USAID's US-China Partnership for Climate Action (PCA) program organized a peer review workshop to evaluate the Xiaolan greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory report, jointly prepared by the World Resources Institute, Institute for Sustainable Communities, and their local partners. The workshop was chaired by the mayor of Xiaolan, a county of 500,000 people, and co-chaired by the Director of Resource Conservation, Environmental Protection Division, Guangdong Province Development and Reform Commission (GD DRC). The inventory report provides a comprehensive baseline for carbon emissions in Xiaolan, and a basis for meaningful low-carbon planning initiatives going forward.

Five independent experts nominated by the GD DRC endorsed the report after a thorough review its methodologies, data, and results. They praised the PCA partners for a timely and rigorous report that addresses local planning needs, while fulfilling international requirements.

"Today is a historic day," said Lin Yaojun, Director of Resource Conservation & Environmental Protection Division, the Guangdong DRC. "Xiaolan is the first town in Guangdong Province - and in the nation - to create a first-class GHG emissions inventory, and has become a shining example... Xiaolan is a low carbon development trailblazer in Guangdong." He went on to note that the work lays a solid foundation for implementing low-carbon development work in Xiaolan and throughout the province, and urged other local governments in Guangdong to learn from this example. The report will be announced and shared publicly at a launch event in April, and the Mayor of Xiaolan committed to updating the inventory and report annually going forward.

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